Entrepreneurship and Leadership Course

While in the schools, Educate!'s Mentor Fellows teach a two-year, world-class entrepreneurship and leadership course to Scholars. The course was developed with leading organizations worldwide including African Leadership Academy, Private Education Development Network, and Transformative Action Institute, among others. 

Download the current 2015 curriculum:

Term 1 Lesson Plans

Term 2 Lesson Plans

Term 3 Lesson Plans

Support Materials:

Please also review the Mentor Training guide, a 5 week training that we use to prepare the mentors to teach Educate!’s curriculum.  After the 5 week training, each Mentor goes through a three month, full-time Induction before being placed at 4 schools to teach Educate!’s curriculum and mentor the Scholars. We have also developed a guide for advocacy that other organizations and individuals may find useful. 

Social Entrepreneurship Education Advocacy Guide

Teacher Training Curriculum Master

We also provide the following resources to Scholars: 

2012 Educate Club Guide: A guide used by the Mentors with the Scholars as they start an Educate! club on campus where Scholars put into practice leadership and entrepreneurship skills by starting a real venture to solve a problem in their own lives, the community or the world.

2012 Leadership Passbook: Scholars are challenged with completing the activities in the passbook. The Mentor stamps the passbook after proof of completion of each activity and once the entire passbook has been stamped, Scholars receive a t-shirt.

2012 Term 2 Mini Me Book: A book of wisdom that Scholars are given to get them through the good and the bad. It's a favorite of the Scholars.

Green Home Passbook Term 2 2012: The sister to the leadership passbook, the Green Home passbook outlines actions Scholars can take to move their homes out of poverty from red, to yellow, and finally to green.

Past 2012/13 Curriculum:

Term 1 Lesson Plans

Term 2 Lesson Plans

Term 3 Lesson Plans 

Term 4 Lesson Plans 

Term 5 Lesson Plans

For more information about the course please email: educate@experienceeducate.org