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Educate! Highlighted in "How to Assess a Social Enterprise," The Huffington Post by Hila Mehr. 

A friend transitioning from the corporate world to the social enterprise space recently asked me how to assess a social enterprise. How do we really know when an organization is doing quality work we should rally behind and having a real, positive impact, versus just...


Otim Gerald, Educate! Staff Member, Selected For Third Cohort of Acumen East Africa Fellows, February 2014, Acumen Blog.

Acumen is proud to announce the selection of our third cohort of East Africa Fellows. After a competitive selection process, we’ve chosen are a diverse group of 22 inspiring individuals who are fighting poverty and changing lives of people all over East Africa.


Educate! Co-Founders Named to Forbes 30 Under 30 List, January 2014, Forbes.

Through Educate!, cofounders Boris Bulayev, Eric Glustrom, and Angelica Towne are transforming Uganda's education system by partnering with locals schools to provide a two-year social entrepreneurship program for 16- to 18-year-olds. The goal: ditching rote memorization in favor of leadership development. In 2013 the organization reached 8,000 students and brought its entrepreneurship course to 25,000 students by integrating into Uganda's national curriculum.

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Govt Changes Examination Format for S.6 Candidates, June 26, 2013, Daily Monitor. 

Kampala. Senior Six candidates offering Entrepreneurship and Fine Arts will this year see a new question setting format, which has seen some papers scrapped and others merged. Under Entrepreneurship, candidates will do three papers not two as has been the case in the past. 

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Budding leaders. Gauri Rane & Karishma Venkateswaran. DNA India. December 2013.

Educate! Curriculum Highlighted for being more relevant, New Vision, Summer 2013. Full article. Clip on Educate!.  

Applause Africa, May 2013, Educate!’s Solomon Kayiwa a winner of Youth Network Design Contest Workshop.

Forbes Magazine, December 18, 2012, Educate! Co-Founders Selected for Forbes’ 30 Under 30.

Ashoka Press Alert, August 14, 2012, Social Entrepreneur from Uganda Wins Prestigious Global Fellowship.

Ashoka, July 26, 2012, Ashoka Fellowship.

Wandering Educators, March 28, 2012, Curriculum Launches into National Education System of Uganda.

Echoing Green, March 24, 2012, How to Reach 45,000 Young People.

Christian Science Monitor, March 16, 2012, Educate! Mentor: Why give celebrity status to a killer?

DW Akademie, March 15, 2012, African Stories: different countries but facing similar challenges.

KGNU Radio, February 29, 2012, Educate! Updates., February 28, 2012, Educate!’s 3rd Annual Ball for the Future of Africa.

Inside Higher Ed, January 31, 2012, Social Justice Revival.

Care2 E-newsletter, January 20, 2012, Educate! Preparing Uganda’s next Generation of Leaders.

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