Giving girls the tools to invest in themselves.


Educate!'s impact on girls: Results from Educate!'s randomized controlled trial found that our model has an outsized impact on girls.


We believe girls experience more impact than boys because Educate! addresses key gaps that block girls from achieving their fullest potential.

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Empowering African girl entrepreneurs and leaders


Girls face unique and greater barriers to success after school as entrepreneurs, in the workforce, and as leaders in their communities. Educate! systematically gives girls the tools to tackle these barriers, so they can improve their own livelihoods and become drivers of development.

Closing the skills gap through practical, experience-based education

Girls often receive only limited training in practical, employable skills, such as budgeting and finance. When girls do receive skills training, it tends to be in gender-specific, low-earning markets.

  • Educate! teaches students how to access capital, how to save, and how to plan for the future. Savings skills offer a risk-free method of capital accumulation, and allow female entrepreneurs to overcome the asset gap.

  • Educate! facilitates hands-on experience in a safe learning environment, so students have the opportunity to explore new challenges and the confidence to learn from mistakes they make along the way.

  • Educate! provides girls with the tools they need to develop economic resources and confidence in their skills, allowing them to transform their families and communities.

  • Educate! trains Mentors, teachers, and administrators to identify gender stereotypes faced by students and assists in the creation of strategies for empowering boys and girls equally in the classroom.

Educate! is continually making big strides toward building our gender expertise. We are currently working to pilot changes that will prepare us to develop a best-in-class, organization-wide girls empowerment strategy that we can implement and improve as we grow, in Uganda and beyond. This includes both research to learn what we have done right with girls – so that we can scale the outsized impact of our program– and studying our gender-related challenges to produce a comprehensive gender equity component of our scaling program.



Exponential Empowerment

Educate! Graduate Lillian Aero employs over 100 HIV/AIDS affected widows to make crafts and then helps them find markets for their products in three different countries. Watch the video to learn how Lillian is helping to close the employment gap and providing them with marketable skills and a sustainable livelihood. 




Educate! promotes gender-equity at every level of our organization. As a result, 9 out of our top 11 positions are held by women.