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Educate! rigorously measures impact and is proven to impact lives.

Educate! is committed to doing what works. We continuously capture data, process it quickly, and integrate lessons learned into our model to optimize the quality of our program as we scale.

Measurable impact is core to our mission, so we aim to have a best-in-class monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system. Our M&E team makes sure that we have the right systems in place to fully understand our impact and to integrate timely feedback for improving our model. We have a scalable M&E system that is in-depth and timely enough to provide rapid information to manage our programs, but light and scalable enough to serve the growing number of schools we work with.

Educate!'s deep investment in monitoring and evaluation includes a randomized controlled trial, innovative monitoring and evaluation tools, and an SMS- and smartphone-based reporting system.

Randomized Controlled Trial

In parallel to our internal M&E program, we are conducting a Randomized Control Trial (RCT) to help us understand our impact and to create a benchmark against which we can measure impact during expansion. An RCT is the absolute gold standard in evaluating impact, and going through one has greatly improved the rigor of our internal annual impact evaluation process. See RCT results or full RCT report.


Educate! monitors four target outcomes to determine measurable impact of our model.


Improved Livelihoods

business ownership and employment.png

Increased Business Ownership and Employment


community participation.png

Increased Community Participation

workforce readiness.png

Improved Workforce Readiness