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2018 Rwanda Reach

Educate! was invited by Rwanda’s Ministry of Education in 2016 to serve as a technical advisor to Rwanda’s national curriculum reform, which aims to equip youth with the skills they need to drive the economy, compete on the global stage, and become leaders in their communities. Educate! also supports implementation of the reform through in-school support and teacher training.

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Youth Leaders Develop Job Creators

Juliet works in twelve schools across Gatsibo. She has been expertly trained in learner-centered teaching and the new entrepreneurship curriculum by Educate! and Akazi Kanoze Access. This powerful skill set allows her to serve as an advisor for entrepreneurship teachers, and a role model and mentor for the students. She is proud to be leading the young generation:

“I want to show the great impact and train young people to become job creators instead of job seekers.”

“She’s our mentor,” says Tumukuratire Andrew, the entrepreneurship teacher at Gabiro High School. When asked about the impact, he says,

“of course, [my teaching] has changed. This time, we are teaching by doing. Previously, it was as if you were lecturing and now much emphasis is on putting into practice what you have taught.”

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