Educate! provides Scholars with practical experience starting an enterprise.


Educate!’s 40 Scholars recruit other students (an average of 60) to join them in forming a Student Business Club. With support from the Educate! Mentor and an Educate!-trained teacher, students start one or more enterprises in a team setting.

Student Business Clubs provide an experiential platform for students to acquire critical 21st century and business/employability skills that will enable them to meet the demands of the labor market or create their own jobs if that market fails them.

Research continually has shown that students learn best through active practice of skills and since internships are largely unavailable in a Sub-Saharan African context, starting a business in school is the best way to practice building and using formal workforce-readiness skills. 

Although the Student Business Clubs are designed primarily as a means of acquiring targeted skills, many Clubs operate profitable businesses, and some generate enough profit to pay school fees for their members. 

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Student Business Clubs


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had profitable projects 


How do students fund their ventures?

Educate! frames its lessons around teaching students to overcome the challenge of limited or no startup capital.

Educate! does this by maintaining a strong focus on savings, encouraging students to work in groups so they can pool resources and teaching youth to utilize existing resources.

Additionally, Educate! teaches simple skills like baking and soap making, which are easy to learn and always have a market. Although these products offer low returns, they provide a basis for initial savings and capital creation. 

Scholars have proven to be extraordinarily self-sufficient and creative in minimizing the amount of start-up capital needed.

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