The Educate! Exchange Program in Rwanda

Educate! is supporting Rwanda’s national entrepreneurship curriculum reforms by including packaging portions of the Educate! model which is being used in the new entrepreneurship curriculum, and by testing an innovative new teacher training program, the Educate! Exchange, which supports teachers in adopting the new skills-based curriculum, leading to the practice of entrepreneurship skills in schools. The Educate! Exchange is driven by the amazing and dedicated people involved -  the teacher trainers and passionate Youth Leaders, who work in schools as mentors, support business clubs, and train students to make products.

Whatever you’re doing to my teachers, it’s good. My teachers used to be shy, and after a couple of trainings they became more confident. They are now teaching better and they’re more creative.
— Rwanda District Master Trainer

Rwanda’s Entrepreneurship Curriculum Includes: 

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Educate! Exchange Program Components


The Educate! Exchange: Youth Leaders in Action

Our eleven frontline workers, Educate! Exchange Youth Leaders, support entrepreneurship teachers in delivering Skills Labs, mentor students running Student Business Clubs, and monitor the quality of the program. They are the heartbeat of the program, as they are passionate about youth development, committed to excellence, and believe that youth are the solution. Each youth leader is a budding entrepreneur, so their personal challenges, triumphs, and experiences can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for their students. Youth Leaders also share feedback to influence program design and ensure high program quality. They understand the lessons learned in Rwanda will directly inform expansion in future countries.