The Educate! model is designed to deliver sustainable, lasting change for the greatest number of youth by working within education systems.

We accomplish this through two core services:


In-School Programs


We deliver leadership, entrepreneurship, and workforce readiness training directly in secondary schools.

Educate! works within existing schools and national education systems. The components of our model are adapted to fit the context of each country we work in, so our in-school programs look different in each country.

Read more about our models in Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya


Education System Support


We partner with governments to integrate our solution into national education systems and support national curriculum reforms.

We target systems-level adoption of our model because we see education reform as the most cost-effective way to make a large-scale, sustainable impact on millions of young people. We provide technical advisory and implementation support to governments for skills-based education.

Read more about our engagement with the Ugandan, Rwandan, and Kenyan governments.