Sustainable Change Through Systemic Transformation

Educate! is designed to deliver sustainable, lasting change for the greatest number of youth by working within education systems. We do this through two core services:


Direct Implementation

Educate! delivers our program at existing secondary schools to directly transform students' lives. By working first-hand with youth, we build out best practices and conduct rigorous research and development to create the most impactful program possible. See more about our flagship program, the Educate! Experience below.


Education System Support


Educate! supports governments in integrating skills-based education into national curriculum reforms. We advise on and support reforms to national curricula, exams, and teacher training programs. Learn about how we support the Rwandan government with rolling out curriculum reform here.


The Educate! Experience

Educate!'s flagship program, the Educate! Experience, is designed to give students the skills to solve poverty for themselves and their communities. We deliver our practical, skills-based model of education by partnering with existing secondary schools. The program model is driven by the amazing people involved – the students, mentors, and teachers in these partner schools.

Scholars don’t get scores, they fight for knowledge. As a Scholar you make your own dreams come true.”
— Mentor Emma

The model is comprised of:


Educate! Icons Improved Livelihoods copy copy.png



Educate! Icons increased business ownership.png


Business Ownership and Employment

Educate! Icons community partisipation.png


Community Participation

Educate! Icons workplace readieness.png


Workforce Readiness 


Copylefting: It’s Only Right!


Educate! believes in paying it forward. Our curriculum was developed with the support of leading organizations around the world. We show our gratitude for their help and support by freely sharing our curriculum with everyone working for a common goal.

We are completely open-source with our curriculum.  What does that mean exactly? We copyleft it, the opposite of copyright, to ensure that we can have the greatest impact possible around the world. To date we have shared our curriculum with over 150 organizations. Much of the curriculum can be applied across cultures and many of our copylefting partners tailor the case studies and other aspects of the curriculum to their local contexts.

You can receive a copy of our curriculum by completing this form.


Video courtesy of Al Jazeera English