Rwanda's new Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) prompts entrepreneurship students to take the knowledge they’ve learned in class and apply it in the Student Business Club, a platform for students to launch real businesses in a school setting with the support of their teacher and Educate! Youth Leader. By doing this, students actually practice the fundamentals of a successful business instead of just reading about them. The Student Business Club Competitions are a chance for entrepreneurship students to prove that they, too, can drive Rwanda’s economy.

"...It was a bit of a revelation to see the different programmes the Educate! NGO had developed alongside ordinary Ugandan secondary schools... What impressed me was that these young students, through a programme of entrepreneurship and leadership, were becoming the change agents in their communities. This practical skill-based education did not replace academic learning but enhanced it, and, in doing so, gave a leg-up to the whole community." - Doug Bolton, Filmmaker


Meet Educate! Graduate Lillian Aero Olok and learn how Educate! improved her life and provided her with the tools she needed to create positive change in her community.

2015 Wise Award Video

Boris Bulayev, presentation at WISE conference