Educate! Experience programs launch today to 375 students across Uganda

After nearly two-years of development, we are pleased to announce that today 375 Educate! Scholars at 25 partner high schools across Uganda are beginning the first day of the Educate! Experience. In the Experience, Scholars go through Educate!’s two-year leadership curriculum and create a project that effectively and sustainably develops their communities. Educate! Scholars at Budadiri Girls School

The Experience empowers students across Uganda to become the next generation of socially responsible leaders who will create internally driven solutions to the challenges of poverty, disease, and environmental degradation facing Uganda.

Seven highly qualified Ugandan Mentors teach Educate!’s two-year leadership curriculum to Scholars and guide Scholars through the creation of their community projects. The seven rigorously selected Ugandan Mentors (we interviewed over 200 talented applicants) recently completed a three-month, full-time Induction at the Educate! office in Uganda that prepares them to lead Scholars through the Experience.

The impact each Scholar has on his or her community will be measured by an impact portfolio that records the number of community initiatives created by each Scholar, the people impacted and the value created (measured in dollars) in the community as a result of each initiative. Scholar impact portfolios enable Educate! to clearly measure the return of our investment in Uganda’s future leaders. Teachers at partner school Mt. Masaba

Educate! began in 2002 by providing scholarships to refugees in Uganda. Inspired by the remarkable leadership of the Educate! Scholarship Students in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Educate! developed the Experience to empower the next generation of socially responsible leaders across Uganda.

We encourage you to read more about the Experience and consider investing in one of Uganda’s future leaders.