Want More African Entrepreneurs? Educate Girls

Angelica Towne, Co-Founder of Educate!, knows that when girls, their families, and their communities see education as an investment that can have a direct and measurable impact on their lives, more girls will receive the opportunity for a quality education.  “When [girls] see that education can lead to power and independence, they are more likely to pursue education,” she says in a recent interview with AFK Insider. 

Getting more girls in school is also the key to improving the economy and making strides toward gender equality. Good news from Educate!'s recent impact evaluations supports these claims. "While Educate! Graduates earn more than their peers who didn’t participate in the program, incomes rise even faster for girls. They also enjoy a higher overall increase in business ownership and community project participation."

"Given the data, leaders may be wise to place a premium on targeted business education — giving a generation of African women the opportunity to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit." We agree wholeheartedly! Thanks to AFK Insider for an excellent article. Read the full text here: http://afkinsider.com/85410/want-african-entrepreneurs-educate-girls/