External Engagement Goals and Tools for
Engaging Donor Audience


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What do I want to achieve when engaging with Donor audience?

1. Position Educate! as the leader in skills based secondary education in Africa
2. Provide donors and prospects a steady flow of visual and narrative content that shows our potential for huge impact, supports our positioning as the leader in skills- based secondary education in Africa, and demonstrates how Educate! is different.

Achieving this supports this Org-Wide Goal:

Achieve 2017 Fundraising goal of $4.3MM

Achieving this goal supports this Org Objective:

Transform education in Africa to teach youth to solve poverty for themselves and their communities


Talking Points

1. Education Reform/Systems Change

Educate! works aggressively towards system-level adoption of our solution, working to integrate our model into national education systems. We’ve already integrated key components of our model into upper secondary (A level) in Uganda and Rwanda, and are advising on lower secondary (O level) reform in Uganda and all secondary reform in Kenya.

2. Major Scale Already

 Educate! targets massive cost efficient scale. In 2016, we graduated 14,000 youth (Scholars) from our intensive program across almost 400 schools in Uganda (almost 15% of secondary schools in the country). Altogether, we reached 240,000 students broadly in 2016 across Uganda and Rwanda.

3. Impact & Emphasis on Evaluation

 Educate! aggressively measures and manages our impact. We invest deeply in monitoring & evaluation and our randomized controlled trial proves that Graduates earn DOUBLE the income of a control group.

4. Major Recognition

Leading institutions, funders, and thought leaders have supported or endorse us, including Bill Gates, the 2015 WISE Awards, Mastercard Foundation and Global Innovation Fund, a high growth investment fund backed by DFID and USAID. Brookings Institution, the foremost thought leader in education, featured Educate! as 1 of 14 innovative and effective organizations scaling, alongside BRAC, Pratham, Teach for All and other industry leaders.

5. Laser Focus

Educate! targets one core problem– the mismatch between education and life after school in Africa – and works to find the most replicable and cost-effective solution possible that can reach massive scale.

6. Youth are the Solution

Educate! is creating a grassroots movement of young leaders and entrepreneurs to drive sustainable development. Our Graduates change their lives and their communities, such as Lillian Aero who employs over 100 AIDS-affected women.


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