Giving girls the tools to invest in themselves.


Girls face unique challenges to success after school as entrepreneurs, in the workforce, and as leaders in their communities. Girls often receive only limited training in practical, employable skills, such as budgeting and finance. When girls do receive skills training, it tends to be in gender-specific, low-earning markets.


Educate! systematically gives girls the tools to tackle these barriers, so they can improve their own livelihoods and become drivers of development.

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Empowering girl leaders and entrepreneurs


Results from Educate!'s randomized controlled trial found that our model has an outsized impact on girls.


* Female graduates earned an average of $200 more per year than their peers in the control group.

We believe girls experience even greater impact than boys because Educate! addresses key barriers that prevent girls from achieving their fullest potential.

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Exponential Empowerment

Educate! Graduate Lillian Aero employs over 100 HIV/AIDS affected women to make crafts and helps them find markets for their products in three different countries. Watch the video to learn how Lillian is helping to close the employment gap and providing women with marketable skills and a sustainable livelihood. 


Educate! promotes gender-equity at every level of our organization. 

  • 9 out of our top 11 positions are held by women.

  • All of our Youth Leaders in Rwanda are women.

  • More than half of our Mentors in Uganda are women.