External Engagement Goals and Tools for
Engaging Government Audience


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What do I want to achieve when engaging with Government audience?

1.  Position Educate! as the Leader in skills based secondary education in Africa
2. Build expansion country interest in Educate! by building our brand

Achieving this supports this Org-Wide Goal:

By 2024, measurably impact 1 million students, and reach 4 million students more broadly, across Africa each year

Achieving this goal supports this Org Objective:

Transform education in Africa to teach youth to solve poverty for themselves and their communities


Talking Points


1. Educate! Supports Governments In Achieving Their Goals:

We partner with governments who share our vision for [competency] [experience based] [use their language here…] education that can prepare youth for the labor market. We advise national governments on curriculum design, teacher training initiatives, and school management practices to ensure that students graduate with the skills they need to get jobs, start businesses, and drive national development. 

2. We have experience working with government:

A’ level & O’level Reform in Uganda, A’ level in Rwanda, Teacher Professionalization in Cameroon, Secondary in Kenya: Educate! supported Uganda’s government in nationally integrating a more practical entrepreneurship curriculum and student business club structure. Student start and run actual businesses in schools. In Rwanda, Uganda, and Cameroon, we worked with government to integrate the student-centered pedagogy known as Skills Lab into their curriculum.

3. Our Approach has Proven Impact:

An evaluation (randomized controlled trial - if they know M&E) found that graduates of our program earn DOUBLE the income of their peers and are 64% more likely to start a business.

4. We Create Locally Relevant Solutions:

So many people try to bring in changes that have worked in Germany or Singapore, but they are not feasible for rural, low resourced schools to adopt. Our solutions have been shown to work in schools with limited resources in poor areas.

5. We Work with Government on Roll Out Support Programs:

We are running a national teacher training program in Rwanda, have worked with Uganda’s National Curriculum Development Center to pilot new ideas, and are currently operating in over 500 schools in Uganda. We want to align our programs to support the national education system, and do not believe in building a parallel structure.

6. Our Solutions Focus on Teacher Adoption:

The hardest part of all reforms is having teachers adopt the new curriculum and change their teaching methods. Skills Lab is a no-cost method that makes it easier for teachers to understand how they are meant to teach. Everyone knows what a lab is (they have them for practical subjects such as science and ICT).  For entrepreneurship the lab is the community.  [Show pictures of Rwanda skills lab].  So simple I can explain it in a sentence“Skills Lab is a weekly time for students to go through learning activities to practice entrepreneurship in their schools and communities.”

7. Strong Network That Supports Our Work:

Funders and thought leaders have supported or endorsed us, including the Brookings Institution, Mastercard Foundation, and Global Innovation Fund, a high growth investment fund backed by DFID and USAID. Bill Gates even recently featured Educate! as a leader in skills based education.



Tools for Engaging Government Audience

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