Educate! serves as a technical advisor to national governments to sustainably impact the greatest number of youth. Below is a summary of our partnership with the Kenyan government. 


Educate! is working in partnership with the government of Kenya to transform secondary education to equip youth with the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century. By helping young people learn entrepreneurial and workforce skills, Educate! aims to prepare Kenyan youth to eventually create their own businesses, get jobs, and improve their incomes.



In 2016, we signed a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding with the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), laying the foundation to bring our programs to Kenya at scale. This 5-year partnership allows us to work with KICD on their teacher training framework and pedagogy across all subjects and to integrate solutions for teacher training, pedagogy, and student programs into the national system.



Educate! invited the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development to tour our program in Uganda. This visit was a follow-up to Educate!'s Global Education Conference in April, where delegates from four countries (Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, Rwanda) attended and spoke about their shared belief in the importance of competency-based education. Finally, in early 2015 Amon Charities and the Ministry of Education in Cameroon invited Educate! to advise and provide training for an Entrepreneurship Pilot program.

Previously, I used to teach innovation and creativity but I wouldn’t give students a chance to come up with products from their environment. However, after going through the training on how skills lab work, I went back to my school and taught the same lesson better; I told the students to go, explore the environment and come up with products. Students surprised me.
— Harriet Mansikombi, entrepreneurship teacher, Rwanda