Educate! works within existing schools and national education systems. The components of our model are adapted to fit the context of each country we work in, so our in-school programs look different in each country. In Rwanda, our in-school program is called the Educate! Exchange.

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The Educate! Exchange


Educate! was invited by Rwanda’s Ministry of Education in 2015 to serve as a technical advisor to Rwanda’s national curriculum reform and supports implementation of the reform through in-school support and teacher training.


Our Rwanda model includes:

...of course, [my teaching] has changed. This time we are teaching by doing. Previously, it was as if you were lecturing, and now, much emphasis is on putting into practice what you have taught.
— Tumukuratire Andrew, Teacher, Gabiro High School, Rwanda

As part of our technical advisory work, we worked with the Rwandan Education Board to incorporate three key components of our model into Rwanda’s upper secondary entrepreneurship curriculum.

After a three-year rollout process, 215,000 students annually across Rwanda are receiving this curriculum.