Educate! serves as a technical advisor to national governments to sustainably impact the greatest number of youth. Below is a summary of our partnership with the Rwandan government. 


In 2017, we continued to provide technical advisory support to ensure that key elements of the new entrepreneurship curriculum, e.g. Skills Lab, student portfolios, and Student Business Clubs, are being fully incorporated into teachers' resource materials, as well as their daily activities. Educate! participated on the editing team for Mentor manuals to be used by school-based Mentors and Mentor trainers and provided technical assistance in the writing of the S4 textbook and the entrepreneurship teachers' guide. 

We then supported new curriculum rollout through the Educate! Exchange program, working in parallel with our partner organization Akazi Kanoze Access. In 2017, we nearly completed our first two-year Educate! Exchange program to support the implementation and teacher training for Rwanda’s national entrepreneurship curriculum reform. In order to successfully support this reform in schools, we collaborated with government officials, district master trainers and school administrators in termly teacher trainings. In addition, we held regular trainings for school administrators and local education officers to help create support systems at district and sector levels and in schools that encourage teachers to implement new practices. 



In 2016, Educate! continued to advise the government of Rwanda on skills-based education reforms and worked with the Rwandan Education Board, in partnership with Akazi Kanoze Access, to help design a new curriculum.

Educate!, together with Akazi Kanoze Access, also supported the Rwandan government with nationwide rollout of this skills-based curriculum. We launched a teacher training program in 2016, called the Educate! Exchange, whose goal is to accelerate the adoption of experiential teaching methods, leading to the practice of workforce readiness, entrepreneurship, and 21st century skills in schools.

Educate!`s approach enriches teaching and learning process[es] to be participatory, involve active and hands on methods so that the learners are actively engaged, get the opportunity to practice during entrepreneurship skills lab and to enhance new skills, self-confidence, values and attitude to become enterprising citizens.
— Florian Rutiyomba, Entrepreneurship Specialist, Rwandan Ed. Board/ Curriculum & Pedagogical Materials Dept


Educate! signed an MOU with the Rwanda Education Board to incorporate the Skills Lab and Student Business Club components of the Educate! model into the government’s new Competence Based Curriculum to be rolled out across Rwanda. With partners EDC and Akazi Kanoze Access, Educate! ran a national training of trainers to support Rwanda's secondary school teachers in integrating the Skills Lab into their classrooms. 

Previously, I used to teach innovation and creativity but I wouldn’t give students a chance to come up with products from their environment. However, after going through the training on how skills lab work, I went back to my school and taught the same lesson better; I told the students to go, explore the environment and come up with products. Students surprised me.
— Harriet Mansikombi, entrepreneurship teacher, Rwanda