Why Rwanda?


of the population is under the age of 25

as much as 69%

of youth are unemployed or underemployed

Education System Support

In response to high youth unemployment rates and a growing youth population, the Rwandan government is reforming its national curriculum to include competence-based teaching and learning methods in order to equip youth with the skills they need to drive the economy.

Educate! has been invited by Rwanda’s Ministry of Education to work on the ground floor of this reform.



Reach in 2016



Where We Work?

Educate! currently works in the 11 districts marked on the map to the right. These 11 districts have a wide geographic spread, contain about 36% of Rwanda's total population and are considerably more rural and less wealthy overall than the districts where we do not work.


Our work in Rwanda revolves around two key components:

1. Curriculum Reform: We are working as a technical advisor to the government on its new skills-based, student-centered entrepreneurship curriculum for high schools students. In the new curriculum, students gain in which they will get a practical, hands-on education through Skills Labs and Student Business Clubs.

2. The Educate! Exchange: We are running a two-year curriculum reform support model that includes:

  • Teacher Training: A 2-year training program to accelerate teacher’s adoption of the new curriculum while simultaneously promoting continual professional development and peer learning through termly workshops and Exchange Visits.
  • School Support: Specialized support for administrators, teachers, and students delivered by a trained Youth Leader through mentoring sessions, school monitoring, and skills development.

Technical Advisor on Curriculum Reform

In 2016, Educate! advised the government of Rwanda on ambitious skills-based education reforms. This was a pivotal step toward bringing our model to scale across Africa to combat youth unemployment. Educate!’s work in Rwanda will ultimately impact the education of 215,000 youth annually - that’s every secondary student in the country.  



Educate! worked with the Rwandan Education Board to design its new Competence-Based Curriculum, which features four unique innovations:


The Educate! Exchange - Supporting Curriculum Reform Roll-Out

To support the Rwandan government with the rollout of its skills-based curriculum reforms, Educate!, together with our partner, Rwandan NGO Akazi Kanoze, launched a teacher training program in 2016. The goal of this program, called the Educate! Exchange,  is to support teachers in adopting experiential teaching methods, leading to the practice of entrepreneurship and 21st century skills in schools.


Youth Leaders Develop Job Creators

 Juliet, a Youth Leader who works in twelve schools across Gatsibo.

Juliet, a Youth Leader who works in twelve schools across Gatsibo.

Juliet works in twelve schools across Gatsibo. She has been expertly trained in learner-centered teaching and the new entrepreneurship curriculum by Educate! and Akazi Kanoze Access. This powerful skill set allows her to serve as an advisor for entrepreneurship teachers, and a role model and mentor for the students. She is proud to be leading the young generation:

I want to show the great impact and train young people to become job creators instead of job seekers.

“She’s our mentor,” says Tumukuratire Andrew, the entrepreneurship teacher at Gabiro High School. When asked about the impact, he says,

of course, [my teaching] has changed. This time, we are teaching by doing. Previously, it was as if you were lecturing and now much emphasis is on putting into practice what you have taught.

We believe that the future of Rwanda can be unlocked by this progressive curriculum where teachers empower students with hard and soft skills that are critical in creating a sustainable society where young people are job creators, market stimulators, and change makers in their own careers, communities, and country.