Claudine, a student at GS Mareba in Bugesera, Rwanda, dreams of opening her own shop one day and using a portion of her earnings to pay for vulnerable children to go to school. But Claudine didn't always dream this big. Before Rwanda's new skills-based curriculum came into effect, she used to go to class, memorize facts, and leave for the day, without thinking about how to apply what she learned in her own life. Once she began participating in Skills Labs and her school's Student Business Club her mindset changed. She realized that she was capable of starting her own business and earning income to support herself and her family, while also helping her community. Claudine began making tablecloths and woven baskets for sale and used the money she earned to buy a small herd of goats, which she sees as an investment in her future. After she graduates she plans to use the income she earns from the goats to achieve her dream: opening her own fashion store and paying it forward to young people in need.