A master multi-tasker at only 19 years old, Munirah Bashirah is both a self-made businesswoman and a star Educate! Mentor.

Beloved by her Scholars for her insightful coaching and steadfast encouragement, Munirah brings grit, passion, and drive to everything she does. Since graduating from the Educate! Experience, Munirah has relentlessly pursued her dream of owning a successful art and design business. Her fashion and design company, the Muni Textile and Fabric Co., is an outlet for Munirah’s creative talents, where she designs and retails fashionable and modest clothing for other young Muslim women. To expand her business, Munirah taught herself to screen print, and soon after noticed a market opportunity others had missed.

For the 2016 Kampala City Festival, Munirah designed and printed T-shirts with the festival’s logo. Munirah’s first batch of shirts sold out almost the instant she opened her festival stall, so she rushed home to make more, only to sell out again. By the end of the weekend, Munirah had sold 378 T-shirts and made her largest profit ever.

By challenging herself to take on ambitious business projects and reaping the rewards of her hard work, Munirah is a shining example for the next generation of young female entrepreneurs.