Paul was first introduced to the Educate! Experience as a high schooler in 2009. He was impressed by a charismatic and inspiring man named Solomon Kayiwa who came to his school to talk about a new academic opportunity. Solomon told Paul and his classmates about Educate!’s unique approach to education, one that would empower young people to develop entrepreneurial and business skills, and Paul was intrigued. He had seen many of his peers fall into the trappings of unemployment, an outcome that he feared. Solomon’s words made Paul believe that his future could be different; he realized that “if you join Educate!, you are going to be able to create your own job.”

Paul quickly rose as a strong leader and changemaker within his school. Within two years, Paul had accumulated an impressive list of achievements: Educate! Business Club President, winner of the nation-wide business plan competition, and de facto mediator when the school administration and the student collective clashed.

Today, you’ll find Paul at the forefront of an impressive social enterprise called Tugende, which creates opportunity through ownership by kick-starting financial independence for Ugandan motorcycle taxi drivers. It’s a company with empowerment at its core, and Paul recognized this: “when I heard about Tugende giving the opportunity to people to help themselves I said why can’t I be part of this team?” Paul lives his life to invest in future of others, a value he can attribute to the Educate! Experience. He says “Educate! really changed my thinking. Up to today, it’s my driving force.”