External Engagement Goals and Tools for
Engaging Talent Audience


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What do I want to achieve when engaging with Talent audience?

Position Educate! as the Leader in skills based secondary education in Africa.

Achieving this supports this Org-Wide Goal:

Measurably impact 1 million students, and reach 4 million students more broadly, across Africa each year.

Achieving this goal supports this Org Objective:

Transform education in Africa to teach youth to solve poverty for themselves and their communities


Talking Points

1. High Performing

Educate! is a team of high performing people in a VERY HIGH GROWTH environment. It is an environment where high-performers work hard, thrive, grow, learn from each other and are surrounded by others like them.

2. Big personal growth

To achieve our goals, every team member has to grow with us. We love to help our people reach their full potential with coaching, trainings, and career opportunities that challenge you. We love promoting from within — many of our leaders in Uganda started as entry level employees, including our Deputy Country Director 7 years ago.

3. Major Recognition

Leading institutions, funders and thought leaders have supported or endorsed us, including the  Brookings Institution, the 2015 WISE Awards, Mastercard Foundation, Shell Foundation, and Global Innovation Fund, a high growth investment fund backed by DFID and USAID.  Bill Gates even recently featured Educate! as a leader in skills based education.

4. Flat, feedback driven, and collaborative

We value everyone’s opinion and encourage a culture of open feedback and dialogue. At Educate!, you’re allowed and encouraged to share your thoughts with the Country Director, or even Executive Director.

5. Proven impact on youth at scale

At Educate!, your work translates directly into better lives for youth in East Africa. Our impact evaluation found that Educate! Graduates have double the income of their peers, and in 2016 we impacted 20,000 youth intensively, and 240,000 broadly across more than 500 schools in Uganda and Rwanda.

6. Local and female leaders

We believe in local leadership - 97% of our staff is African - and hiring and developing female leaders - 8 out of 10 top Educate! positions are held by women. (use as appropriate - e.g. don’t use female leader point with men)

7. Personal Relationships

We build strong personal relationships as team members, understanding that personal relationships underpin great teams. We take time to get to know each other personally, celebrate each other, and support one another during hard times.

8. Social enterprise, NOT NGO

We’re committed to addressing the mismatch between education and life after school long term, and keeping laser focused on doing whatever it takes to address this challenge. We're not here to implement donor projects. We also believe in systemic change  — our model has gone nationwide in A level (upper secondary) in Uganda and Rwanda.



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