Educate! rigorously measures impact and is proven to impact lives.


Educate! is committed to doing what works. We continuously capture data, process it quickly, and integrate lessons learned into our model to optimize the quality of our program as we scale.


Educate! rigorously measures our impact to ensure that every dollar we spend maximizes life outcomes for youth. Our best-in-class monitoring system ensures program quality and progress towards our targets by tracking 20+ key performance indicators (KPIs) on a regular basis and feeding data back into a dashboard in real time. Our evaluation philosophy employs rigorous studies to understand our impact on a longer-term basis, including an external randomized controlled trial and quasi-experimental evaluation.


Monitoring and Learning Tools


Recent Evaluations

Follow-on Randomized Controlled Trial

Educate!, in partnership with researchers from the University of California-Berkeley, the World Bank, and Innovations for Poverty Action, conducted a follow-on Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) to measure the impact of our program on students 3.5 years after graduating from secondary school and 4 years after finishing Educate!. Overall, the skills, gender, and educational outcomes suggest that participating in the Educate! Experience allows students to develop the competencies that put them on a higher trajectory correlated with improved long-term life outcomes. See our RCT 4-Year Follow-On Interpretation Memo for more.

Quasi-Experimental Evaluation

One of our biggest questions of 2017 was: Have we maintained our impact as we’ve scaled the Educate! Experience across Uganda? This external evaluation demonstrated that even as we've dramatically increased the number of youth we reach, we continue to achieve similar impact for participants of our program. See the End of Course Report for more information.

Randomized Controlled Trial

In parallel to our internal M&E program, we are conducting a Randomized Control Trial (RCT) to help us understand our impact and to create a benchmark against which we can measure impact during expansion. An RCT is the absolute gold standard in evaluating impact, and going through one has greatly improved the rigor of our internal annual impact evaluation process. See RCT results or full RCT report.



Target Outcomes

Educate! monitors four target outcomes to determine measurable impact of our model:


Improved Livelihoods

business ownership and employment.png

Increased Business Ownership and Employment


community participation.png

Increased Community Participation

workforce readiness.png

Improved Workforce Readiness