One of Educate!'s core innovations is constant focus on building the most replicable and cost-effective solution possible that can reach massive scale. Our model is built on research of best scale practices and continued self-evaluation and was specifically designed for scale. Educate!'s Vision for 2024 is to measurably impact 1 million students, and reach 4 million students more broadly, across Africa each year. Read more about Educate!'s model and plan to scale.



Educate! works toward systems level adoption of our solution by working with national governments to create incentives for more experience-based and 21st century skills-based education. Read more about our government engagement strategy.



Educate! creates huge impact at low cost by delivering our model using existing school infrastructure, engaging exceptional Educate! Graduates as Mentors, and implementing innovative technologies to cost-effectively manage and monitor our programs across great distances. Our randomized controlled trial results show an average income increase of $173 for Graduates. With our cost of $125 per Educate! Scholar to deliver our program, that's a 5.5x return on investment in just 4 years.


Educate! aggressively measures and manages impact to ensure that every dollar we spend results in better life outcomes for youth. We invest heavily in monitoring and evaluation, and our randomized controlled trial proves that our model works. We've developed innovative monitoring and evaluation tools including a text message based dashboard updated weekly that enables us to manage program performance across all schools. Read more about our Monitoring & Evaluation Approach and Impact.