A recent application

We recently received this application from a student we are hoping to sponsor. I thought it was very touching and worth sharing. Keep in mind that these students have very limited internet time and are very rushed when they write these, which helps explain some of the grammar mistakes.

Dear sir,

Am a congolese by nationality male aged 17yrs old a registered refugee from kyangwali settlement camp residing in mukarange village block 5. I am hereby humbly submitting in my Application asking for the above underlined refference.

The war of congo started on tuesday april 1996 during the night when we were sleeping. We waked up and moved to very night to the bush. My father’s brother who was left sleeping was captured in the house and was burnt there together with his family hence died. We stayed in the bush for almost one week eating and drinking water from the tree. All boarders to uganda were clossed with heavy gun and too heavy arm. When sleeping in the bush one day in the night, Rebels came and fire us hence ran stepping on dead peaple, peaple died and died passing in peaple blood flowing. We ran and lested on a mt. called Bugusa where they destroyed Kinyamahura Catholic Church when we were seing standing on the top of the mauntain. When they saw us they fired us and we ran tacking the direction of going to Goma.

One day when we moved yet the boarders are still clossed but looking for the way to closs, we where all tied and yet is coming to night, we lested and slept in the church where we were looked for by the rebels and after sleeping to night. They came and captured us and began to shoot us, my elder brother way shoot and died from they, some other jumped through the windows and there legs where cut off. I had one my Aunt who was found remaing in the that church after she had failed to run since she was tied and having too pregnant, She was ask wher are others and after failing to tell, She catched, pierced a long sharped tree from the Anus passing through the stomach to the head. Please if i remamber the death of my aunt i get pain to cry hence she died there where in that very night, I ran alone and since it was too night, i came to fall in a long big hall where they the rebels used to throw the dead peaple, i stayed in that hall for almost three days no food to eat no water to drink after i failed to came out since i was tied and even still young .i was about to die there. There came a man passing nearer to that hall this was by God’s power and he struggled hard and removed me there and took me for first aid at Rwankuba hospital where i got to meet my parents after one week hungrily at a place known as Kitagoma where we took way throuigh the bush to Uganda kitagoma and we where taken in Nyakabande transit kisoro by the help of one of a samalitan tied who took us in the vehicle when he was working with UNHCR.

When it was in 1997, The UNHCR planned to transifer us in the camp. Here in this transit we faced many problems like lack of food, Lack of water to drink, kolera attack us and too insecuruty, so they took us transifering us to another camp called Kyangwali in Hoima District, we us to sleep outside and it happened for almost three weeks, no food, water to drink, we us to lost rippen Bananas which led to Dioreya and many other died becuase of hunger like my you brother called Erick i also died too and i too sleeped in the bed and failed to come out becuase of hunger and they came to find about to die there. They picked me from the bed after three days, we got problems of snakes attack were my mother was bitten with a very big snake and was taken in the hospital and she was given first aid.

After here i planned to begin studies by fail where i used to go to school with hunger and under poor situation. Here we used to sleep on glasses and please since they were old they couldn’t accommodate the family well i was picked among the 5 peaple to go for a bussary of football which lasted for two years and my club was called TUJENE FC and also managed to study by digging one term and another term i report to school. This also happened for almost one year and from their i failed to school and hence stopped when in senior three. However, I’ve humbly got contented to come and put myself into your hands requesting for assistance from you. So please i am sending my folling tears my nees down asking for your care by upholding my future as my educational holder.

Well, I will be gratefull if my Application is put into your consideration and if you competience meets my needs



I would like to receive an education in order to promote my future of my family and to help the community at large and to also have a beautiful future and a standard life.


I would like to be an enginear, Tourist. Journalist and education can help me accomplish my dreams by reading hard, passing at a high level and joining a better school. I promise this that if i join a better one i can do better.


My hobbies are playing football as means of passing leisure, Volleyball, Jogging with freinds, Playing musics and reading books.


My families curent situation is that the are old, poor no food to eat and too poor accomodation and sickness as due to many diseases attack, sleeping under poor sites.

If you are interested in learning more about the conflict this student was involved in check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Congo_War .