Evaluation Results


Educate! Scholars earn nearly DOUBLE the income of their peers towards the end of secondary school.


Educate! evaluates our impact through rigorous external evaluations. By 2015, we had grown the number of students reached by nearly 10x since our RCT (randomized controlled trial); so from 2015-2017, we conducted a quasi-experimental evaluation in partnership with BRAC to better understand our impact. The evaluation combined difference-in-differences with propensity score matching to estimate the impact of the Educate! Experience program at scale. The study found that Educate! graduates earn nearly double the income of their peers towards the end of secondary school.


The results demonstrated that even as we've dramatically increased the number of youth we reach, we continue to achieve similar impact for participants of our program towards the end of secondary school.

PSM income increase.png

Educate! Scholars are 44% more likely to own a business than their peers.


The quasi-experimental evaluation showed that students who participated in Educate!’s program demonstrated significantly improved outcomes towards the end of secondary school, including:


Increased Employment

Educate! participants were 50% more likely to be employed from a base of 17% in the comparison group.

Improved Livelihoods

Educate! Scholars earned 95%—nearly 2x—more income from a base of $88.43 in the comparison group.

Increased Business Ownership

Educate! participants were 44% more likely to own a business from a base of 26% in the comparison group.


Girls achieve even greater results.


 The quasi-experimental evaluation results demonstrated that our model continues to make progress towards closing the gender gap, with an even larger relative impact on girls as compared to boys. 


Girls earn 244% more than peers who did not complete the program and have a 91% increase in business ownership.


We’re preparing youth with the skills to succeed in today’s economy.

2019 Impact Snapshot


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