A note regarding tribalism in the Democratic Republic of Congo by Educate! Student Joseph Munyambaza


Let us learn a lesson from the bees in the way they live together in harmony, work together in the bee-hive, and manufacture sweet honey. Aren’t we more wise than bees and stronger than they are? Can’t we make Africa a better home than a bee-hive; can’t we manufacture good things sweeter honey?

For my case and those who mind of Af rica, we will carry the weapon of determination to transform Africa into a good homeland not a slaughtering place. Make it manufacture honey and milk not flowing blood. I would rather die in the struggle for honey and milk for Africans and myself than foolishly rushing for poisoning myself with bitterness.

Though I am in the refugee camp, I have learned how to forgive and forget. Revenging cannot have an end because if I revenge on my enemy his friend will come in future to revenge on me and this will continue forever. It is better for all of us to accept the mistakes not behave like a chameleon or bat.

Let us learn a lesson from the mistakes our elders made and start a caring relationship please. Let us call one another brothers and sisters. We all need support from each other. Our mother land needs our cooperation for its prosperity. Let us challenge our elders who have taken the poison and some of them may be res cued. Let us be ourselves not our elders.