Tonight's the big night

Tonight’s the big night.  I leave for Uganda, for six months.   I’m in NYC now for a final meeting with Boris before leaving.  We have big plans and huge ideas.  Deadlines and goals we want to meet – five students selected by x, 20 phase 1 leadership institute seminars run by y. The goals of the trip are to select more students and develop programs that maximize the positive impact on society students have by encouraging socially responsible leadership and social entrepreneurship. 

The reasoning behind the programs is sound – take high potential students with excellent ideas and help them make as large of a positive impact on society as possible.  However, determining an effective model for accomplishing this, and then actually implementing the model is going to be, well, an extremely big challenge.  Our plans will surely change, our deadlines may not be met, and after six months the detailed, well thought out image we have developed since August 07 of our new programs will likely be completely different. 

However our goals evolve, the steps we take between now and Sept 10 will greatly increase the positive impact Educate! is able to have.  And taking those steps is going to be a challenging, intriguing, and probably very entertaining journey.  So keep reading!