Joseph Munyambanza gives closing remarks for keynote address by Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Joseph Munyambanza, one of the Educate! Scholarship Students, is a refugee from the Goma area of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  He lives in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement and currently studies at African Leadership Academy (ALA) in South Africa.

At ALA’s grand opening ceremony on February 6-7, Joseph was given the honor of reading a closing poem after Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s keynote address. Joseph also had the chance to meet the model African leader, shake his hand and give him a hug!Joseph Munyambaza

For Joseph, who aspires to be one of the next socially responsible leaders in Africa, meeting Desmond Tutu was an unforgettable experience.

Below is an email from Joseph describing the ceremony:


The grand opening has been a day in life. The wife of Mandela was our guest speaker at the campus on friday and Desmond Tutu was the guest on Saturday at the Hilton Hotel where we had the ALA Gala Dinner with other Leaders.

One of my small goals in coming to South Africa was to meet Nelson Mandela. I reached his home when we went to Soweto and did not meet him, but this weekend gave me the opportunity to meet his wife and the greatest of all I was requested to read the Poem to thank Desmond Tutu. I did not only greet him but I hugged him and greeted him after the poem. I thank God for this men!!

A lot to say, but one thing: God has a plan for us! Many speakers from different parts of the world spoke and most of all talked about DRC. Tutu and Mrs. Mandela spoke much about it and Mrs. Mandela was specifically talking of Goma.

I am preparing for tests, not enough time to email, but there is hope!!!

May God bless you,




You can read more about Joseph and his remarkable work in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement on his profile.

Joseph is pictured below at Cornerstone Leadership Academy, the school he attended before being accepted to African Leadership Academy in South Africa.