Please help Educate! win $5,000 from Ashoka Changemakers!


“At Educate! we prepare students for their future. We mentor students – not just teach. We encourage our students to create a positive change within themselves, their homes, their communities and maybe even all of Africa one day.” These are words of Esther Nakiirya, one of Educate!’s Mentors who teaches our socially responsible leadership curriculum to the Educate! Scholars in Mbale, Uganda.

Educate! has been selected by Ashoka Changemakers as one of 14 finalists in its “Champions of Quality Education in Africa” competition for our work to empower the next generation of socially responsible leaders in Africa.

Out of more than 400 international entries submitted, a distinguished panel of judges selected Educate! to compete for a $5,000 grant and international recognition.  The competition is funded by the Hewlett Foundation and making it to the final round is a great testament to Educate!’s potential to help the next generation address the greatest challenges facing communities across Uganda.

Now we need your vote to be selected for the $5,000 grant:

1) Visit the Ashoka Changemakers site.

2) Click the red “Sign in or Register to Vote” button halfway down the page. Then click “New User?” You only need to enter your name and email address, and you can opt out of future communications. 

3) Vote for Educate! by August 19th! You have to cast three votes. We also encourage you to vote for one of our partner organizations, Teaching in Action – AfricAid which is doing amazing work to better the education system in Tanzania.

Please take one minute to VOTE for Educate! before the competition ends on August 19th. The three winners are solely determined by the number of votes. After voting, we would appreciate it if you forward this email on to your friends and family.Together we can empower the next generation of leaders in Africa!