Alumni Program continues the Educate! experience

Introduction: Solomon Kayiwa has worked with Educate! since 2008 as a mentor in four schools located in Hoima, about four hours north-west of Kampala. He graduated all of his students in September and now he is preparing to transition them into our Alumni program. As Educate!’s Alumni Program Coordinator, Solomon has been working to develop a strong program that will support our students as they pursue their goals and visions outside of the Educate! experience and Secondary School. 

Solomon Kayiwa, Alumni Program Coordinator and Mentor

Alumni Program Blog

Having kicked-off the Educate! experience in 2009, Educate! is proud to announce its first class of 400 graduates from the socially responsible leadership course! In order to realize our vision of socially responsible and creative future leaders, Educate! has developed an Alumni Program for our graduates, which will offer continued mentorship, access to information and resources, and networking after the completion of the Educate! Program. Through this program, Alumni will be supported to become the next generation of leaders across diverse sectors of society, scale their businesses and community initiatives, and take steps to create communities that are clean, healthy, educated, wealthy and safe! 

Students from Duhaga Secondary School perform for their peers at the Hoima Cluster Graduation

The primary goal of the alumni program is to help at least 90% of our students become change makers two years after completing secondary school.  A change maker is defined as someone who starts a business or community initiative for positive change or is working for such an initiative. The momentum has already been built during the first two years of our program and we’re working to keep it going with even stronger social enterprises and student initiatives during the two year Alumni Program.

Through the Alumni Program there will be networking and exchange of knowledge through Change makers Associations on university campuses and elsewhere. Information Centers in Hoima and Mbale will provide important and accessible knowledge relating to Alumni-run Social Enterprise. Finally, professional development opportunities will be available through internships, professional mentorship, and training sessions with professionals, professors and community leaders

Students from Solomon’s school celebrate their graduation in Hoima

To introduce the Alumni Program to our scholars, our partner schools and our supporting organizations, Educate! is planning an Alumni Launch this December. The Launch will serve to: celebrate scholar accomplishments from the program, introduce the purpose and goals of the Alumni Program, create a networking opportunity between Alumni and socially responsible organizations and companies, and provide a platform to announce opportunities for our scholars.

Graduating from our Socially Responsible Leadership Course is only the beginning!!!

Written by: Solomon Kayiwa