Boundless Inspiration

 A few of the younger kids playing.

Charlotte Iraguha  is a pioneer Mentor for Educate!, a non-profit organization that teaches a two year leadership program to high school students and empowers students to start social initiatives at 24 partner schools across Uganda. This post is a reflection of two of his scholars.

Music Life Skills and Destitute Alleviation (MLISADA) is an orphanage located in the slums of Nsambya, a town 15 minutes outside of Kampala city centre. It shelters over 200 children picked off the street between the ages of six and 18. I am privileged to mentor and teach the leadership course to 22 genial, vibrant and wonderful students.

The well-known MLISADA Brass Band performing.My students are very passionate about music: they can sing, dance and even play various musical instruments. They always look forward to the next lesson, even though it is conducted late in the evening when others are retiring for the night. They constantly demonstrate their undying passion for Educate! There is one particular student named Ronald, who is confident, active, audacious, jolly and brilliant. He is the kind of individual who will approach you with no prior introduction and request a speech of the week to share with others during assembly. Ronald is optimistic and hopeful about his life, so much that not even being orphaned can stop him. All of my students have immense aspirations and despite their unfortunate circumstances, have no intention of ever giving up on their dreams. Every week I look forward to my class because I know that I can make a difference in their lives.

The entire MLISADA family receiving Christmas presents from Santa Claus-Charlotte Iraguha, Educate! Mentor