The Hike for Uganda in the US


There were a lot of faces at last Saturday’s American version of the 2nd Annual Hike for Uganda. New faces and familiar faces; old faces and young faces. There were many differences among the people who trudged up the trail to Green Mountain, but one similarity united all those faces: they knew they were helping the Educate! mission… and because of that, they were smiling.

There was Eric, who grinned as he talked with friends about Educate!’s mission to inspire students in Uganda to be the change they want to see.

Skylar was ready and willing to help anyone looking for some beautiful African jewelry.

The live blue grass band, Lost Angel Station, was a pickin’ and a grinnin’.

Furrier friends were glad to participate.

This happy hiker came prepared for the sunny weather.

 And having raised over $5,000, the Hike for Uganda team was glad that the day went off without a hitch.