Mentor Class Three

Mentor class three recruitment started with over fifty applicants, twenty four teacher trainees for six weeks to an extensive background check that saw eight candidates selected for a three month intensive induction that covered Educate!’s core work.

Our third team of mentors (teachers) is the first team to be trained by a former Educate! Mentor, James Katumba, now the Program Development Coordinator. It is also the first team to implement three youth social enterprises with out of school youth during induction. It is an evenly balanced team gender wise with three gentlemen and three ladies. Believe me, it is a team that is set to achieve thrice as much as anyone before.

Angella Bulamu

Her name Bulamu means life. She is indeed full of life. Whenever a leadership gap appears to exist she fills it with ease. She is a graduate of Industrial Art from Makerere University. She is a founder of Act Now, her volunteer initiative, which started empowering youth with skills through art and earned her a six week business, leadership and entrepreneurship skills training in the USA in 2009. She has also worked as a teaching assistant at Lugazi University and with Hunger Free world. Angella is Pioneering Educate! in Lira Cluster. Lira is Educate!’s newest Cluster in northern Uganda that has been war torn for the last 25 years and is only returning to peace.

Phiona Nakyazze

She looks quiet and reserved but very energetic. She is the force of determination in the team. If something needs to be done she will get down to doing it ASAP. She has volunteered with Educate! for over year before eventually being hired for the mentorship position. She is a graduate of development studies from Makerere University and a Diploma in Law from the Law Development Center. She is now mentoring in Hoima Cluster in Western Uganda and is the first Lady to be posted there.

Carolyne Namusisi

Namusisi (born during an earthquake) is a mover and shaker. Carolyne is a coordinator, driving people gently to gets tasks done. She is the business mind in the team. Drawing lessons from her own successful hardware outlet, she is in the lead in getting youth to generate business ideas, raise funds and generate profit. She is a graduate of Sports Science from Kyambogo University, loves basketball and rarely misses any Kyambogo Warriors game. Carolyne is now mentoring in Wakiso Cluster in Kampala.

Emmanuel Ngobi

Near the source of the mighty Nile is where Emmanuel grew up. This should explain his energy throughout each day. He is the planning mind of the team. He is gifted with a strong voice that he uses to create the desired effect on a team, from friendly chit chat to firmly providing direction.  He is a graduate of Economics from Makerere University. He has valuable experience from the microfinance sector.  Emmanuel is now mentoring in Makindye Cluster in Kampala.

Godfrey Suuna

He stands tall, towering above the rest of the team and looks a little bit frail. But once you get to know him, you are surprised by how strong he is all round.  Godfrey is the scientific mind of the team and is very captivated by using micro technologies to transform and empower youth.  He is deeply religious, disciplined and at the same time very open minded and accommodative. Godfrey is a graduate of Fisheries and Aquaculture. He is now mentoring at Kawempe cluster to the near north of Kampala.

Gerald Otim

With the first opportunity that he gets, he will blow you away with his creative mind. He will turn an item about to be trashed into an amazing teaching aid, giving it a new lease of life. He is the innovative force of the team, ever reflecting and constantly seeking self improvement. He is also a great team player, offering his time to support others at every opportunity he can afford.  Gerald loves connecting with youth in whatever form suits them best. He is now empowering a group of rural youth from his native Teso land that derives its inspiration from a cultural Itesot idiom. He is a graduate of Economics from Makerere University and is now mentoring in Mbale cluster, Eastern Uganda.

Another set of great mentors, another class of over 400 Educate! scholars across Uganda, and hundreds of communities that will be impacted. Let’s all support Mentor Class Three, and Educate!, as we Educate and Empower the next generation of Africa’s future leaders.