Educate! July Scholar of the Month: Joan Nansubuga

Joan Nansubuga

Joan Nansubuga has been defined by her peers and Mentor as a socially responsible leader, an inspiration, and an incredible entrepreneur. She managed to turn a small loan from her father, combined with her personal savings, into a successful jewelry business- creating  both traditional African and modern jewelry from African seeds and beads.  

Joan brought her project to Educate!, by teaching her fellow Scholars how to make jewelry, and by sharing a portion of her earnings with the Educate! school club. She currently employs two people. Next year, she anticipates being able to employ more members of her community.  Ultimately, she wishes to set up a factory with a line of jewelry outlets across Uganda. 

The inspiration for Joan’s beautiful jewelry came from her research of the market, and strong communication with clients.  She has been fortunate to show and sell her products in several exhibits in different cities throughout Uganda. 

Joan also realizes the importance of giving back and donates part of the profits from selling her jewelry to a local orphanage and vulnerable children in her community.  As the entertainment chair on her school cabinet, Joan maintains a close relationship with her peers and is admired by the school administrators. Joan’s combination of savvy business smarts, and an outgoing personality is sure to serve her well into a bright future!