3 Educate! Members Named Acumen Fund Fellows!

Three of our very own… two Educate! graduates, George William Bakka, and Joachim Ewechu, and one Educate! staff member, Hawah Nabbuye, were selected for the Acumen Fund East Africa Fellowship, Class of 2013!!

For 10 years Acumen Fund has been leading the way in entrepreneurial approaches to solve the problems of global poverty. Only 20 Fellows were selected in ALL of East Africa. Having three Educate! members selected as Fellows is truly an honor and a testament to our approach and vision.

More on Acumen: Acumen Fund seeks to identify and train the next generation of leaders united by a common mission of harnessing the power of social innovation to create solutions to East Africa’s most pressing problems. Building off of the success of the Global Fellows Program, Acumen expanded their investment in leadership with the East Africa Fellows Program in 2011.

More on the Fellowship: The program is made up of individuals, (three of our very own!), who are driving groundbreaking projects with large social impact both as employees with businesses, public sector organizations, and leading NGOs - and as entrepreneurs. The East Africa Fellows Program offers Fellows the opportunity to receive world-class leadership training along with the tools to accelerate the progress of their social projects.

George, Joachim, and Hawah, were selected because of the social projects they are leading, their outstanding leadership skills, and their potential to empower others. The selection process was extensive and included presentations, group assignments, and individual interviews.

The success of our graduates and team member in receiving the Fellowship is a direct result of the dedication of our supporters like you. Read more about our Acumen Fellows HERE!