Educate! Featured on Brookings Blog

Brookings’ Millions Learning Project has featured on their blog a preliminary case study featuring Educate!. The Brookings Institution is the foremost thought leader in international education. We greatly respect their work, and we are thrilled and honored to be featured by them.

Our favorite lines from the feature: 
"Perhaps infused by the DNA of its founders, Educate! is ambitious in its plans and impatient to achieve them. At the same time, it has been thoughtful and deliberate in its expansion—listening and learning from other’s experiences, making difficult choices where needed, and ultimately moving closer to its goal of ensuring that young people in Africa are equipped with the skills and competencies needed to drive long-term sustainable development in their countries."

Brookings’ Center for Universal Education launched the Millions Learning Project to explore ways to improve learning and examine educational programs and policies designed to scale effectively and efficiently. Millions Learning will launch a final study in fall 2015, drawing lessons from a number of cases to help inform future policy, practice and investment decisions.

In the summer of 2014, the project published a blog inviting people and organizations to submit case studies. Out of more than 100 cases reviewed, Educate!’s was chosen as one of 9-12 cases that Millions Learning will look at more in depth and likely to be profiled in their final report! The blog highlights some of Educate!’s successes thus far (investing heavily in monitoring and evaluation, financial sustainability and designing for scale from the outset). The focus of the project is to learn from case studies and research what works and what doesn’t to scale effectively. Educate! hopes to learn even more from the final research as we continue to scale.  We are excited to be working closely with the Brookings Institution on this project!