World Youth Skills Day 2015: Education for Life Outcomes

In honor of the first ever World Youth Skills day, Loren Crary, Educate!'s Director of External Relations, and Nicole Goldin, Educate! board member and Senior Associate and Director of the Youth, Prosperity, and Security Initiative at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, each authored a piece discussing the importance of skills-based education.  

Loren's post on Youth Economic Opportunities tackles the question "Are we improving the lives of the students we reach as we enroll more of them?"

"Education is increasingly recognized as the most valuable investment we can make in youth globally. At the highest level, the goal of that education is to improve lives. But are we fulfilling our obligation to invest in education that achieves that goal?"

In her piece "Every Day Should be World Youth Skills Day", Nicole discusses the critical importance of using skills-based education to address the skills gap that is a key contributing factor to the youth employment crisis.

Educate! provides a skills-based model of education that is directly tied to positive life outcomes, including improved livelihoods, increased business and job creation, improved community participation, and improved 21st Century/employability skills.

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