Entrepreneurship Training Works: Evidence from S4YE Report

An important report from Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE) details how the odds are stacked against youth around the world, and includes several mentions of Educate!'s proven solution!

Did you know that in the next 10 years over 1 billion young people will enter the global job market? There are a record number of young people alive today—nearly 1.8 billion – and 85 percent of these young people live in developing and emerging economies and fragile states. Nearly one third of these young people are not in school, employment, or training.

The S4YE report found that despite such huge challenges, there is clear evidence that investments in youth employment pay off. “Empirical evidence shows that youth employment interventions, especially those that provide skills or entrepreneurship training...yield positive and statistically significant results on labor market outcomes for participating youth.” Additionally, one of the report’s most exciting discoveries was that not only do skills-based entrepreneurship education programs work, but that they work better than anything else: “Entrepreneurship promotion interventions activate the highest return on productive work for young people”.

Educate!'s Uganda Program Director Hawah Nabbuye is quoted in the report, which is authored by Nicole Goldin, one of our amazing board members and a leading international expert on global youth affairs and youth in development.

Educate! is honored to be featured in the report as one of the most innovative solutions to the global youth unemployment crisis.  Check out the full report to learn more about the youth employment crisis and how Educate! is pioneering a solution.