The 2017 District-level Business Club Competitions in Rwanda


Entrepreneurship students have been preparing for this moment all year—products perfected and pitches practiced—with the hopes of advancing on to the National Student Business Club Competition next year. Zawadi Françoise and her Student Business Club, Shine Girls’ club, have created a show-stopping product: not one but two video projectors made entirely out of recycled materials. The handmade projector is the embodiment of innovation and resourcefulness.

Zawadi’s Shine Girls’ Club, and hundreds of other clubs just like it, were born out of Rwanda’s new Competence-Based Curriculum. Since 2016, entrepreneurship classes have been required to form a Student Business Club so that students can learn how to launch and run real businesses.

“I really recommend that at least all schools have this [Student] Business Club. They are going to help them right after school, even if they don’t have a job.”

- Ms. Ruth Mukakimenyi,  Teacher Training Officer of the Rwanda Education Board

The entrepreneurship curriculum is designed to help students graduate with the skills they need to be job creators rather than job seekers. The District and National Student Business Club Competitions are a chance for entrepreneurship students to prove that they possess the creativity and skills to drive Rwanda’s economy.

Check out this video for a taste of the excitement of this district-level Student Business Club competition! 


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