Scaling So Millions Learn: Educate! Highlighted in New Brookings Report


Educate! is featured in a new industry-defining report from the Brookings Center for Universal Education. Millions Learning seeks to understand the crucial factors driving major improvements in educational outcomes around the world, distilling lessons learned from case studies of Educate!, Pratham, Room to Read, Sesame Workshop, and other leading organizations. The Millions Learning project specifically focuses on education innovations that can be implemented efficiently, effectively, and sustainably on a large scale. Out of over 100 potential cases, Educate! was chosen as one of only 14 solutions to become a detailed case study for the Millions Learning report.

The final report, released today, is expected to influence programs and policies on the national and international levels, by informing decision-makers of best practices derived from the experiences of Educate! and other leading organizations. Educate! is highlighted throughout the report for its success in several key areas: designing for scale, replicability, and cost-efficiency from the outset; investing deeply in monitoring and evaluation of impact; and creating alliances with governments to support education reform.

Highlighting the challenges facing education around the world today, the Millions Learning Report affirms that during this pivotal time, Educate! is poised to meet the urgent need for high-quality, relevant, skills-based education. We’re honored to share our model and the lessons we have learned to help catalyze a conversation around effective solutions so that more youth around the world can receive the quality education they deserve.

To learn more about Millions Learning, check out the interactive report or attend the report launch event, Getting millions to learn: What will it take to accelerate progress on meeting the Sustainable Development Goals?, on April 18-19, 2016 at the Brookings Institution in Washington.