Thank you for your interest in Educate!’s Skills Course curriculum.

We developed our curriculum with the help of leading global organizations including African Leadership Academy, The Posse Foundation, Echoing Green, Ashoka, Cornerstone, Private Education Development Network, and Transformative Action Institute. These organizations generously shared their materials with Educate!, and we believe in paying it forward by sharing our curriculum with everyone working for a common goal. Since we launched our curriculum, design and training experts on our team have constantly iterated and improved our lesson plans and materials to ensure the maximum benefit for our Scholars.

We are completely open-source with our curriculum – we “copyleft” it – to create the greatest impact possible around the world. Much of the curriculum can be applied across cultures and many organizations have been successful in tailoring the curriculum to meet the needs of their local contexts. To date we have shared our curriculum with over 150 organizations globally.

Our copylefting partners – organizations who have learned from or adapted our curriculum – include organizations like Congo Leadership Initiative, which translated the curriculum to French and has been leading youth through a shortened version of the curriculum for several years. Now, Congo Leadership Initiative is expanding by helping other organizations around the DRC implement the model. A school in Mexico translated the curriculum to Spanish and incorporated the Educate! model throughout their classes. AfricAid translated the curriculum to Swahili and has adapted our model to empower girls in Tanzania.

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