Educate! is an award-winning, international, non-profit social enterprise partnering with Uganda’s National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC) to reform what schools teach and how they teach it, so that students have the skills to start businesses, get jobs, and drive development in their communities. Our technical advisory and implementation support of the NCDC helps to ensure our programs adequately supplement the national curriculum and examinations.

Educate! is currently recruiting partner secondary schools for our programs who meet the following criteria:

  1. Located in Uganda

  2. 'A' level offered

  3. Students have permission to run businesses and projects during extracurriculars time and on weekends

  4. Teachers and administrators are interested in experience-based education training in leadership, entrepreneurship, and mentorship

If you would like to recommend a school for the Educate! Experience program, please contact us:

+256 312 266 074