Yet most youth can expect to remain unemployed or underemployed and to live on less than $2 a day.



 Because they lack the 21st century skills required to attain further education, overcome gender inequities, and succeed in scarce formal sector jobs.


Africa is the world’s youngest continent


Today, nearly 50% of Africa's population is under 18.

By the turn of the century, 50% of the world’s children will be African.


Soon, these young people will become the region's leaders and workforce. 

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Seven billion young people will enroll in secondary school in Africa by the end of this century


Education systems in Africa already face challenges meeting young peoples’ needs – current curricula and teaching methods don’t consistently prepare students for what’s to come following graduation. Despite an eagerness and commitment to learn, even students who finish secondary school often find themselves lacking the skills needed to attain further education, overcome gender inequities, and secure one of the few available jobs, leading to unemployment and underemployment.


Educate! believes that by transforming secondary education, we can equip youth with the skills to disrupt this systemic problem.

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Youth are the solution


Educate! is preparing youth in Africa with the skills to succeed in today’s economy.


Educate! Students

Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs

The Generation That Drives Development

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