Educate!’s Ultimate Goal:

To replicate our experience-based education model across Africa to create a grassroots movement of young people driving sustainable development. 


Educate! is on the cusp of massive expansion. We're working to bring entrepreneurship education to all and making schools across Africa incubators for entrepreneurs.


Educate!’s model was launched in 24 schools in four districts in 2009, and since then we have worked to build the most innovative, sustainable, scalable and cost-effective solution possible. In 2013 we worked in 54 schools and ran an intensive research and design process to optimize our model for scale. In 2014 we more than quadrupled our reach, partnering with over 238 schools across 15 districts in Uganda. In 2015, we scaled further, working in 252 schools and reaching almost 90,000 youth.

In 2016 we launched in our second country, Rwanda, and scaled to over 350 schools in Uganda to reach 14,000 youth directly and 240,000 youth more broadly. In 2016 we also continued to quality test our model at scale through rigorous monitoring and evaluation, confirming that we can drive costs down and making adjustments where necessary to ensure that beneficiaries continue to receive the most impactful, cost-effective intervention possible.

By impacting youth directly, building capacity in schools, and continuing to advocate for system-wide adoption of our approach, we aim to fully integrate what we do into secondary education systems across Africa.  Our Vision for 2024 is to measurably impact 1 million students, and reach 4 million students more broadly, across Africa each year.

Educate! Targets Massive, Cost-Efficient Scale

Educate! ran an intensive research and design process to build a model that is replicable and designed for scale. Our research included: 

  • Reviewing existing research and problem theory design to better understand our target population
  • Connecting with 10 global organizations to gather other approaches to youth entrepreneurship and leadership development
  • Visiting and learning from 19 leading organizations in India to understand successes in scaling for long-term impact
  • Launching four (3-6 month) experiments with various ideas for re-design

The result? A massively repeatable and cost-effective solution for African youth, designed measurably impact 1 million students, and reach 4 million students more broadly each year.

Read the Brookings' Millions Learning in-depth case study on our scale and expansion.

Exponential Empowerment

Each part of our model has been designed with exponential empowerment in mind. Our model was built to provide the most impact for graduates, students, teachers, and administrators at partner schools.