Jane Negesa

Jane Negesa is an Educate! Scholar in the up-country Mbale Cluster of high schools. Inspired by the Educate! Experience, Jane has become a leader in her community and an innovative social entrepreneur starting multiple successful initiatives.

During her school vacation, Jane set up a garden of beans which harvested Ushs. 150,000 (Approx. $52). She reinvested a portion of this money by purchasing dry coffee seeds from farmers in her village and then selling the coffee seeds at a minimum margin to coffee processors at the business center. With the remaining money, she started a grocery stall that sells oil and tomatoes.

Motivated by Jane’s determination to change the welfare of her home, youth in Jane’s community approached her for mentorship. Jane has led this group of youth to start an initiative that makes energy efficient stoves to prevent deforestation in the Bulambuli district of Eastern Uganda. The rate of deforestation in this area due to rapid population growth, has led to devastating mudslides leaving hundreds of people homeless. This initiative has contributed to offering a brighter future for the devastated region of Bulambuli.

 In August, Jane helped the group of youth launch a savings circle that earns money by cleaning the market area. The money saved will kick start their Community Credit Project. By leading the youth in her community and teaching them the skills that she has learned from Educate!, Jane truly embodies one of Educate!’s core values, exponential empowerment.