Sarah Nambozo

Sarah Nambozo (Mbale High 2011-12) started a Micro saving Group consisting of 18 youth in her community and receives a cash grant of Ushs. 300,000 from a community organization for her tree planting project.  As ambitious young female from Mukudui Township in Mbale, Sarah testifies that a lot of potential was silent within her before she came into contact with the Educate! 

Growing up, she observed her brothers join the University only to get back home jobless. This has inspired a deep desire to see an empowered generation of youth in her community.

Although she was once a timid girl, Sarah has become an advocate for youth empowerment in her community participating in youth drama and soliciting community support for the promotion of youth entrepreneurship. She aspires to become a ray of hope to her peers and for this reason Sarah has opted to call her youth group, Hope Youth Saving Scheme.