Educate! December Scholar of the Month: Nuru Namono

Nuru Namono is an Educate! Scholar from eastern Uganda who demonstrates the potential of the next generation and illustrates the power of Educate!’s work. Several of Nuru’s friends did not have the opportunity to go to school and in order to make money they ended up resorting to prostitution in local bars.  Bothered the challenging situation she saw in her peers, Nuru decided to take action!

Dedicated to making a positive impact, Nuru motivated fourteen prostitutes from her local community to make fashionable clothes, which they were able to sell at a profit and earn a much needed source of income. Nuru didn’t stop there; together these young women organized a fashion show to promote their clothing line.

They have now formed a saving group with hopes that in the future they can become their own bosses. With the guidance of her Educate! Mentor, Nuru has positively transformed the course for many young women and the ripple she has created will be seen for generations to come.