Turning Craft-Making into Business

Our Scholars are incredibly creative. Check out stories below for how two of them turned their love of craft-making and weaving into businesses through the lessons they learned from the Educate! Business Club. 

Immaculate Nanyemba: The Educate! Business Club at Immaculate’s secondary school was focused on craft-making as one of its enterprises. Immaculate got very involved in making crafts for the business club and was not ready to stop once she graduated. With income raised through selling snacks, Immaculate brought together a group of women in her community to make and sell artistic crafts. Today, Immaculate’s business earns an average $100 every month from local sales.

Geofrey Kalya: Upon completing secondary school, Geofrey had valuable skills as a talented weaver, and with guidance from his Educate! Mentor he resolved to match his skills in weaving with those in entrepreneurship he worked on with Educate! Geofrey identified a big opportunity to make sweaters for schools. He lacked start-up capital, but he did not let this deter him. Instead, he teamed up with a friend to start a sweater weaving business that has now grown to employ two other people. Together, Geofrey and his business partners have established an outlet in Kampala to display and sell their sweaters. They earn an average of $200 per month.