Ernest's Bakery

Our Scholars and Mentors are always working together to think outside the box and to challenge themselves. Read on for more about how Ernest was encouraged to use his interests and skills: 

Ernest Serunkuma: During school breaks Ernest Serunkuma always baked cakes and would bake so many he would end up taking them to share with his friends at school. As he tried different ingredients and perfected his recipes his passion for baking continued to grow. He never thought of this passion as a possible avenue for employment until he shared it started talking about it with his Educate! Mentor. Ernest’s Mentor challenged him to turn his passion for baking into a profitable venture. After secondary school, Ernest invested $50 of his personal savings to buy the ingredients he needed to bake cakes, and he borrowed pans, bowls and other utensils from family members. In his first year with a bakery business Ernest was able to earn profits of $50 a month. Then he joined Educate!’s Youth Business Accelerator program, and after receiving solid advice about expanding his market, Ernest now earns an average of $80 per month. Ernest supplies at least 200 cakes to a supermarket and school every week.


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